About «Penzkhimmash» OJSC plant

«Penzkhimmash» OJSC is one of the major suppliers of unique large-capacity equipment for oil and gas production, transportation and processing; oil field construction; chemical and by-product-coking industry enterprises; metallurgical, coal, food and other industries.

The plant holds 10 licenses for development of technical documents and 19 permits for production and application of equipment to meet wide customers’ needs.

Total area of production buildings (without offices and amenity rooms) amounts to 140 000m2.

We offer our Customers both delivery of single equipment and package plants ready for shipment and complete set of services: design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning. Equipment catalogue consists of more than 30000 apparatus and vessels of different designations and standard sizes for various productions. Most of our equipment outperforms best world analogues at much lesser cost. 

Application of such equipment when modernizing operating enterprises and constructing new ones makes it possible for the Customer to reduce capital outlays and operating costs by 25-30%. High level of technology is ensured by our great investments to development, investigation and introduction of new high-efficiency equipment.