Apparatus with mechanical stirring devices

Apparatus with mechanical stirring devices are used for performing different processes in liquid mono- and multi-phased mediums.

The apparatus with mechanical stirring is cylindrical vertical vessel with elliptical, conical or flat head, with removable or welded elliptical, spherical or flat cover.

The apparatus can be made with plain welded or removable jacket, buckled jacket or semi-piped jacket.

Blade, propeller, turbine, gate or anchor stirrers and heating devices in the form of coiled pipes and built-in heat exchangers are provided inside the apparatus.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, m3


Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2):



up to 4,0(40) or vacuum up to 20mm of mercury column


up to 2,5(25)

Working temperature in body and jacket, оC

up to 300



in vessel

neutral, corrosive, explosive, inflammable

in jacket or heating device

water, water vapor, organic heat-transfer agent, salt water, etc.




VSt3sp(3-5),09G2S,12H18N10T, 10H17N13M2T,06HN28MDT

jacket or heating device



gear-motor of MPO, MR, MRV-type 

Shaft seal

face seal, packing gland, hydroseal