Absorbers are designed for absorption of ammonium from coke oven gas via mother solution.

The saturator is used in by-product-coking branch of metal manufacture.

The saturator unit includes: saturator itself (diameter 5500mm) with gas agitator; catch pot (diameter 2600mm); circulation pot (diameter 1600mm); reverse current pot (diameter 700 mm); connecting pipes and metalwork. The saturator parts contacting with medium, are made of steel 10H17N13M2T.

Technical characteristics of saturators:

Storage capacity of saturator vat, m3


Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)


Working temperature, оC

50 – 70


Mother solution of ammonium sulfate, containing 6-12 % of surplus sulfur acid and 35-45 % of ammonium sulfate

Weight, kg