Columned equipment

The columns are designed to distill highly aggressive or viscous products during the process of rectification and during the process of absorption with liquid high specific loads. Support grids and distribution trays of TSN-2 and TSN-3 type conforming to OST 26-705-79 are installed in columns.

The plant manufactures columns 800-4000mm and above in diameter.

Among packing applicable in columns metal Rashig rings 50х50х1 and 25х25х1mm, and Pall rings 35х35х0,8 mm may be used at the plant.

Non-metal packing is not included into the delivery.

Columns with dump packing are custom-made.

Technical characteristics of column:

Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2 )

up to 1,6 (16)

Temperature, оС

from –40 to +425



Shells, support

VSt3sp(3-5);09G2S,12H18N10T, 08H22N6T,10H17N13M2T, 10H17N13M3T.


VSt3sp(3-5),09G2S,08H13, 12H18N10T,08H22N6T,10H17N13M2T


08H13, steel 10-20, 12H18N10T                       

Weight, kg

2000 and above